Full-time author

Full-time author

… the grass is not greener as a full-time author

For those of you fans who are retired and you are interested in my books, you may want to read on in this blog post. It’s all about writing books as a retiree and how things are not always what they seem.

Being a full-time author was always my goal. I couldn’t wait to get out of corporate America and living in a cube. I thought, man, I will have ALL that time to do nothing but write! Think of the books, I will pen!

Well, today, over a year into this full-time author career, let me tell you, the grass in not greener over here in the pasture.

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So many young folks today share this dream of getting to a point of being a full-time author. It is a great feeling to have that to look forward to, but, um… once you get here, things are different. This is a whole new world.

I have a pretty good schedule, I get up, get my hubby off to work (He is not retired), visit with a friend via video chat, pay bills, queue up social media, work on my website, or create blog posts. Then I have life stuff like laundry, bathrooms, floors, etc. to do.

Once that is out of the way, it may be a grocery day. There’s that trip to make. Yes, I know so many people just do it online and go pick it up but I like to do things in person. Sorry, I am that old. Or, if it is not a shopping day, it will always be a take a walk day or a go to the gym day.

Afterwards, I can now think about writing. I set aside a couple hours a day to do that. Some days, I am just not feeling good, I am tired, or I just don’t want to write. No motivation is a BIG problem for a full-time author. We have to motivate ourselves, inspire ourselves. That is no easy feat, let me tell you. The desk calls to me but so does the couch and tv.

Thankfully, I have been writing a bit every day since the new year so there is hope for me. The next book in the series is stretching my creativity muscle and coming along. I do intend to bring it out this year, so if you haven’t read The Magik Scarf, you should probably do that.

Happy Friday, friends. Hope your weekend is calm, peaceful, and fun.

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