The World of Daegries

What is the World of Daegries?

A new and exciting YA fantasy series! The first book is entitled The Magik Scarf. Also, you can get it now on Amazon for eBook if you would like.

What is the World of Daegries?

a person standing in front of a mountain at dusk

Daegries is the realm that the entire series takes place in. There is the Greater Daegries and the Lesser Daegries. The main character, Alyssa, travels from the Lesser Daegries to the Greater. It is there that she has many adventures. In other words, the WORLD of Daegries happens everywhere in the dominion of Daegries. Certainly, the characters don’t think about this, but because you are my reader, I am explaining it.

Also, there will likely be four books in the series (so far), and I am excited to be writing them for you! Another key point, the adventures of Alyssa and friends will go forward in each book. You will see some new faces, equally you will be in the company of all the old friends too. If you fell in love with the creatures and characters in book one, you are going to be head over heels in this one! There will be a new Elven warrior princess who will be Alyssa’s very own guardian and you know you don’t want to miss that!

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Book TWO!

Psst… did you know that I am working on book two? Yes, it is titled The Alliance of the Grim and I am already finished with the first draft and about to dive into the second draft. You can follow my progress on the HOME PAGE

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