The Magik Scarf

The Magik Scarf

A coming of “mage” fantasy!



Magik Scarf BLURB

Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Chance Oh had been called many things. Magician, sorcerer’s apprentice, even witch. But nothing had prepared her for being called a failure.

After botching her first solo spell, where she only partially reanimates her grandfather into a voice in a toy jack-in-the-box, Alyssa has to set out to find and return a gryphon king’s magik scarf or else he will do something unspeakable to her grandmother.

But that sneaky scarf is not where the king said it was, and now the only way to get to it is through a dragon’s lair.

Favorite Tropes in this Book:

  • Coming of age
  • Quest fantasy
  • First in series (Epic Fantasy)
  • Lost family/found family
  • Magik items
  • Dragon hoard
  • Medieval setting
  • Good versus evil
  • Wizards, sorcerers
  • Chosen one
  • Reluctant hero/heroine
  • Fantastical creatures

Come along for the ride of your life!

Early Reviews!

A young lass with sass, class, and a very big task — The Magik Scarf is a young adult fantasy story that is a giant gulp of fresh air. With a female protagonist whose dialect is reminiscent of quintessential Southern charm, Scarf fulfills a space in the young adult fantasy genre that has not often been tapped. Following Alyssa on her hero’s journey to save her Granny was a trip deeply enjoyed by both myself and my daughter as I read Scarf to her for her bedtime story each night. Browning’s cast of characters includes something for everyone, from mythical creatures to lords and wizards, and best of all, a heroine whose bravery and determination makes this a truly courageous coming-of-mage story! You need to read this one!

S.M. Jones

The Magik Scarf is an exciting tale of a sixteen-year-old heroine fighting to save her grandmother’s life. Alyssa, unaware of her own courage and powers, will win your heart. Young adults (all ages, really) will be engrossed in this action-packed story of the search for the magik scarf and all the obstacles along the way.

E. Holder

Looking for a middle-grade or YA fantasy adventure book? Dive into the World of Daegries. A new series from author, MK Browning, The World of Daegries begins with The Magik Scarf. Novice magik-maker, Alyssa Oh finds herself forced into a quest with not much more than her wits and good intentions to restore her grandmother’s health. Accompanied by the spirit of her grandfather, Pappy Oh, Alyssa ventures beyond her small village tasked with finding a scarf in order to trade it for a healing remedy. As we follow Alyssa on her journey, the reader is drawn into a fantastical world filled with magical creatures of dubious intent and allies who may have hidden agendas. Alyssa is a quick study and grapples with her own inner doubts as she is determined to return to their quiet farm and restore her grandmother’s health. This book is perfect for young readers seeking a traditional fantasy novel that emphasizes family relationships, self-worth, and loyalty. 

Liz R


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