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it’s going to be a long hot summer and books are going to be popular. Why do I say this? Because when it’s too hot for kids to go out and play, they generally stay inside and play. Some of them like to read. Some play video games. Some watch tv or movies. Some do all of these in a single day.

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Most parents don’t really care what they do, as long as they are not being loud and annoying or aggravating their sibling(s). I remember when my kids were at home. Things haven’t changed that much!

I have begun to get feedback from my beta readers and as far as book news goes, it’s going to be a long hot summer. I have some work to do and it’s going to make the book a better read. I have already added over 2k on this round.

Do not forget about the over 300 books for free on June 23 in the “Stuff Your Kindle Fantasy Edition” going on. You can peruse the books here :

The Magik Scarf is under sword and sorcery and young adult.

If all goes well, developmental edits should be the whole of July with the exception of the July 4th holiday and the following week. We Brownings are going on vacation!

more soon !

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