Body Language

Body Language

Body language is an unspoken dialogue.

I was in line at Panera Bread to get a small salad the other day. It was a long line I waited in, so my eyes wandered over to a nearby field. There were a bunch of people in that area and it looked like three clumps of them. One clump parents – one clump band members – and one clump smaller kids.

One of the smaller kids was nose to chest with his taller associate. They were having an argument. How do I know this?
Body language.

Body language is an important part of what writers do. We have all witnessed scenes where people are having a disagreement. But how do you make a reader “see” it?

The boys were so far from me that I couldn’t hear them but not so far that I couldn’t follow their body language. The bigger kid shoved the little kid and words were exchanged. The little kid bent at the waist and held his stomach like he was going to explode.

The bigger kid was calmly walked away by a parent or guardian, and the little kid was attended by his folks. The little guy flung his fists skyward in as plain an angry gesture as I have ever seen, but his folks patted his head and back and placated him.

He fell on the ground in a seated position and forcefully crossed his arms as if to say, “no, I am not going to play nice.” They continued to try to calm him, but he shook his head and folded into himself.

At that time, I had to move forward and pick up my order. I really hope the parents didn’t believe that bigger kid. He really was the aggressor.

I hope this little tale explains body language a little. It is a true tale.

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