Three things I love about writing

Three things I love about writing

What is it about writing that a writer loves so much? It takes a lot of personal time, it is oftentimes aggravating with its grammar and punctuation needs, and it can create crushing self doubt.

So, why do so many of us do it, and keep doing it?

Well, let me explain…

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Three things I love about writing

  1. The process itself. I know I said that this very thing can be tedious thanks to the grammar and punctuation bit, but there is a lot to be said for the positive side. For one, you feel so good being a creator of worlds! Nobody can write YOUR story. It’s very cathartic too, when you write something that is from your own life. Something that tells YOUR own personal story.
  2. Editing. I love to get to the second draft and begin picking apart the whole story to insert or strengthen parts of it. Revision can be where a writer really shines. They get to change the things they were trying to say and actually SAY it.
  3. Marketing. Yes, I hear that collective groan. Marketing can be the bane of our existence but if approached with the same vim and vigor that you have put into the writing and revision, then telling others about your work shouldn’t be a big deal.

I think we make marketing into a roaring tiger because we are so unfamiliar with it. What works and what doesn’t can be as individual as we are.

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