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Yes, I have news.

Don’t all rush me at once!

Heheh. Yeah, so, last week, I talked about getting a new laptop, possibly a Mac. Some of my responses were negative. But a friend of mine heard me and said he was selling his Mac Air laptop and was I interested? BOY! Was I!

So here it is, y’all. All shiny and new, albeit used. It’s my baby. I have taken it out to a cafe, and to work, to get writing done. It is the main reason progress is being made on Book Two.

It is a lovely rose gold color, and came with a cool sticker on the back which just screams for me to add more. I have lovingly named her Pink 🙂

More news you can use

Book two is coming along in a great way now. I am over 70k and heading toward the end. Revisions will begin immediately after the close of the first draft due to the fact that I am very late in getting this draft finished. Second drafts are always easier for me, and I hope to be ready for beta reads soon.

On the personal front in news … well, I am not sick. HAHA! That’s not a joke since I spent so many weeks this past winter sick with one thing or another. I actually feel pretty good and that only increases the speed with which I can write this book.

I have been reading The Wicked King by Holly Black and it is very good as was the first book in the Elfhame series. I have also been reading The Secret Journal by Otto Schafer and am pretty impressed with his worldbuilding.

Interesting note… Schafer’s book has a higher ranking on Goodreads than does Ms. Black’s book.

What’s ahead in news?

As soon as I can, I am going to be creating an outline of the series so that next book will go quicker in first draft. This time around I went in blind and that more than anything else has slowed my writing down. Well, that AND being sick.

Until next week, y’all stay cute or keep it on mute!

Book Two – tidbit (a fav bit of dialogue)

“Impudent!” Hubert hissed. Then, after a momentary pause, “I’m not happy about having to fly through the night like a horned owl.”

“That makes two of us,” she told him. “But there it is. We ain’t doing this for ourselves, are we?”

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