Also known as ruminating or what really goes on in a writer’s mind

If I have to tell you what rumination is, just know that it’s a terrible malady that I have found myself doing a lot of lately.

Rumination is the act of turning negative thoughts over in your mind again and again. Sometimes building a snowman of angst.


Therefore, this rumination thing is a bad thing. (When I went to look at the other descriptions of what it is I found equally unpleasant answers) Suffice it to say, I really have to stop.

These are the things I found that I need to stop letting control my thoughts most recently:

  1. If my sales are as good as someone else’s
  2. If my ratings and reviews are normal
  3. Will I have success with this next book

You can see how those sorts of things can cause a writer to do flips in their mind that is wasteful because they have no control over the answers, good or bad.

I am late sending out the newsletter again! I apologize, but it will go out today!

I hope you will forgive the lateness of this post, also. I was very busy last week and weekend with life stuff. There is no way to get around it. Life DOES get in the way sometimes.

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