Teasers for book two

Teasers for book two

Many of you are already wanting teasers for book two, and I am not going to disappoint you. So, today, for my blog post, I am going to put clever information in a fun graphic for you here. Please feel free to share it, comment on it, etc.

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From book two – untitled

This book is all about the family Oh, and how, quite unintended, they became local celebrities in their small region of the Lesser Daegries near the town of Mudden.


The Ohs were quiet farmers who kept to themselves and maintained their home, their crops, and their health without any assistance from townsfolk. In fact, they preferred it that way. The people in Mudden had an indelicate habit of sticking their noses into business that was not a concern of theirs, and usually created a stir because of it.

The Lesser Daegries, where our tale begins, was the southernmost point of the realm of Daegries and inhabited by humans. This particular region was a little more advanced than their northern friends and thrived because of it. Whether the folks there were smarter or not, remains to be seen, but they certainly didn’t shy away from trying new things.

Except the Ohs. Trying new things had not worked out for them sometimes and this is another one of those tales from their experiences.

During the days of the eighth age, an age of advancement for the region, Mudden folks crafted items of great curiosity. Even some motorized vehicles, although no one knew where that knowledge came from.

Strangers began to appear around the town. Overly large folk with big eyes and long fingers who crossed the Mudden road passing through, never staying long.

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