Holiday greetings and wish list

Holiday greetings and wish list

This year, the only thing I wish for most sincerely is peace on earth. Our nation and others and all the peoples and cultures, be blessed.

And maybe just a simple wish for family time filled with good food and happy laughter. It’s been a long and eventful month for us, and I want some nature-filled quiet so that I can regain a bit of sanity. If I can just go out under some trees and look up at the sky and marvel that I am a part of all of the things I see, I will be refilled with the wonder of the season.

Wow, I guess this seems like a big wish list to some. To me it’s essential. I want my family and I want some nature. If I get some hot cocoa and a cookie in there, it is all good.

I hope your holiday season is filled with all of this and more. If you want to see my last post all about making holiday memories with your kids, go here.

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