The Mt. Moriah Series Boxset, Books 1-3

Here it is! The BOX SET of the Mt. Moriah Series first three books!

Begin this visit into the small town of Mt. Moriah, Tennessee where love and life happen slowly and without fanfare.

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Here it is! The BOX SET of the Mt. Moriah Series first three books! Begin this visit into the small town of Mt. Moriah, Tennessee where love and life happen slowly and without fanfare. Get Book 4 The Little Theater now available!

The beauty of a small town…

In the Holler


A life-changing illness…a chance meeting…a diary from her mother’s past.
Hope thought visiting her aunt’s house in a hilly area of Mt. Moriah where she’d spent her childhood summers would be easy – drop in, hang out, go home. Discovering that her aunt wants her to take over an aging business and stay in the small town, upsets her carefully planned future.
A chance encounter in town with Joe Collins, a former love who is living with his family after a terrible tragedy, proves to her that staying in Mt. Moriah will be difficult if not impossible. However, the area where her aunt lives, known as The Holler, grows on her.
The beautiful countryside and solitude give comfort to her while she copes with her aunt’s life decisions, her latest romantic failure, and a writing career that hangs in the balance.
When her aunt gives her a diary that once belonged to her mother, Hope envelops herself with the memories of her mother’s life when she once lived in Mt. Moriah. Understanding her mother’s youth, helps Hope to find the answers to so many things, including what happened between her and Joe when they were teens.

The Inn on Main Street


Sometimes home is not a place…but a person.

Diana Graham. Her heart was broken when her mother died, and she’s picked up the hunt for her mother’s family. She’s far too busy seeking news about her grandfather, working at Pandora’s Boutique, and learning about Mt. Moriah to fall in love. Diana’s even told herself she hasn’t got time for a relationship.

Now a handsome man has taken up residence at The Inn where she is staying, and he’s determined to change her mind. Can she trust him with her family secrets or, will his love of gossip ruin their chances?

Will Birmingham booked into The Inn on Main Street when he had a household disaster. Diana walked into his room by accident, and he knew it was love at first sight as she stifled her embarrassment. He had given up on finding a woman who could love him and that he could love in the small town. Off-hand connections with some of the women there meant nothing to him. Leaving Mt. Moriah would be the only way the right woman would ever find him, he thought. Until now.

But Will has a piece of Diana’s family puzzle and he doesn’t even realize it. When she finds out, will it wedge itself in between them forever barring a relationship?

A Mt. Moriah Christmas


Sometimes coming home is hard…

Jenny Jones has returned to Mt. Moriah after a disastrous relationship with Brandon Daniels, the lead singer for Sarcastix, a band on the rise in Nashville. She makes it back home after Thanksgiving and realizes quickly that things are not as she left them. Her room is now occupied by her brother, as well as her car. Her parents are not able to support her any longer. And worst of all, Jeremiah Collins has moved on with his life as well.

Jeremiah Collins sees Jenny get into her family sedan on the day after she returns to Mt. Moriah. He’s convinced she’s only home for the holidays. Jere plans to steer clear of the man she ran off with if he appears. When he doesn’t appear, Jere learns that Jenny is home for good and is more than a little broken-hearted. She’s broken financially as well and needs a job. When he offers her a job at his market, Jere’s Veggie Heaven, things get heated.

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Book 4: The Little Theater
Book 5: The Overlook
Book 6: TBD

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