Scenes that are hard to write

Scenes that are hard to write

Some scenes are just plain difficult to write. Here’s what I mean:

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Now, on to the purpose of this post.

Writing difficult scenes has always been a hard thing for me. I have had a lot of sad times in my life, and I have lived a full life filled with joy. But writing about losing someone, well, that is about the hardest scene of all to write.

How do you do it well?

Here I think is where we are told to write what we know. When you have experienced a loss so profound that you couldn’t breathe, well, you can write that one, right?

Make the scene sensory and evocative. Make the reader feel the mood. It’s okay to make them cry! Sometimes when we have to write hard scenes like that, we cry ourselves. That’s when you know you have done a good job.

In fact, all scenes of importance should create within the reader some emotional response. Sometimes I can do this effortlessly, and sometimes not so much.

What about you? Does writing a hard scene make you squirm in your seat or do you just “do” it and never flinch?

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